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EL Irving: Week One of 2015 Down!

About EL Irving

My name is EL Irving. I’m an established and respected London-based model scout and Director of Model Scouting Ltd. I have worked with hundreds of models at every level of modelling and take pride in my work. My ethos is to nurture talent and to encourage results. I like to look sharp, and I thought I’d write a few tips about choosing the right suit for the right occasion. I’ll do them in bullet point form to make it easier!

Buy What Fits Today

Don’t get ahead of yourself when buying. Don’t assume that your shoulders will be broader than they are currently because you have a fitness plan in mind. Men in general need to be realistic with their goals and what they need to be focusing on.

EL Irving

Always Triple Check the Length

How many times have you chuckled to yourself watching a man’s trouser leg rise way above his sock when he sits down? Don’t let it be you next time. Tailored suit trousers should finish about an inch from the ground when wearing a shoe and hang naturally.

Never too Flashy

Everyone wants to add a bit of flair to their appearance, but as soon as it gets out of balance with your body shape, accessories, hair style, or even sunglasses, it’s too much. Tone it down and rely on your posture more, two people can wear the same suit, one will look good, one won’t. It’s about how you carry it. Don’t compensate for anything by going flashy.

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How to get Scouted as a Model

Many people ask me this question. I always have the same answer. When it comes to modelling and you are competing against countless other, equally talented people, you have to really make yourself stand out from the rest. Modelling scouts are constantly on the look out for models who really push themselves to be different. The video below is an excerpt from an interview with a modelling scout who briefly summarizes the main things you should be considering as a model looking for reputable, regular work.

The key points I emphasize to models are as follows.

  • Firstly, find yourself. Build your character and your interests as these are equally as important as your look.
  • Secondly, practice your trade. Learn how to act with industry professionals and more importantly, how not to act. Don’t be a diva until you’ve earned it.
  • Spend as much time as possible with reputable agents, scouts and agencies and get a sense of the modelling environment to enable you to make the best decisions for your career.

EL Irving is one of London’s most reputable talent and modelling scouts. Find out more about EL Irving by following these links.