How Does Your Fashion Sense Rank?

What to you is good or bad fashion sense?

This question I have been asked many times before by people, regarding my fashion sense and in general on fashion.
In this article I am going to give some examples of fashion and you can make your mind up what is good or bad.

Do not let others dictate what is good or bad fashion sense to you, it is a preference in your mind’s eye no one else’s.
Today the internet and magazines are over saturated with what celebrities and other trend-setters believe is top fashion and what not good fashion sense is.

As we all know everyone’s choice is different and that’s what makes us who we are.

Mens Fashion Sense
Above you will see a young man dressed in casual but smart clothing. To me I like this for everyday wear but not for office work in the big cities. This is to be for, in my opinion for meeting friends or maybe going out for a drink or meal with close friends. The first shot is a good mix of casual, for example the jeans and trainers mixed successfully with a shirt and a V-neck jumper so it looks smart but casual as well.

This would be good for lunch time meet with friends or a drink or two in town. The second photo is a good example of a day off look with the low neck T-shirt with jeans and a green casual jacket and meeting friends with not a lot going on in the day. The third is really smart and the Jacket pulls of the total casual look but pulling off a smart look. This to me is a going out look but something like going to the gym before work or meeting friends. All three to me would come in the casual day off look without anything important going on. But you may pull off meetings with the first photo depending on how it looks on you.

Mens Smart Casual Fashio Sense

In this photo I found you will see a man dressed in a suit with no tie. This is a smart look but it also says ‘casual’ as well just because he has taken the tie from the picture. This seems to be a look for a day in the office in the big city but also a look to be going out for an important meeting as well as going out for a meal out in town with a loved one or with friends or colleagues. I like this look myself and the colour is what makes this suit.

The sunglasses with the suit makes it look like this person is a well to do person and sends a message look at me but in a good way. If you look around you can find a decent suit for a reasonable price as well. Please don’t think you have to spend a fortune on a three or two piece suit. I bought a two piece suit for about £70 and it was not a top brand. It was bought from a local high street shop in my town. To be fare you can go to places like Primark, Burtons, Tesco’s and Sainsbury’s for a decent looking suit. But to be honest you will have to look around first but don’t just take the first choice you find unless it calls out.

This is just a few men’s wear that ore out there and don’t have to cost a lot for the buyer.
What else we will look at is smart and casual wear for women
Womens Smart Casual Fashion Sense
This suit for a woman is smart and to me says posh too. It appears to be fore an office job in the city or for an interview. With the necklace it pulls off the look of office or maybe Layer maybe but that’s just my thoughts. It is the sort of suit you would wear for your day job in the office.

With the black heeled shoes and the black necklace it smart to the hilt. I like this look as at can give you another look to who you actually are. I would think that you would have to actually dress this suit down to be able to wear it for meals and drinks with friends or loved ones maybe at weekends or at nights. If you was going out at night you would not wear this but actually wear a dress to go to dinner or theatre.

What else we will look at is a casual look but smart dress sense for females but don’t take it literal as this is just a guide and my opinion.

Womens Casual Fashion Sense
Here we have a casual look but smart at the same time and the colouring just calls out WOW in my eyes. It is the sort of dress wear you would put on for a dinner out with friends or family even a loved one but also it could be something you wear in the office and drinks afterwards. So in my eyes this has three functions in a daily life of a woman.

The colours of this is a mix of plain then colour that gives it a kick to say smart am I, look at me but not in a way of attention seeking. It is smart look for going out drinking and meals with friends but also it has a look as if ‘I have just finished work and not had time to change’. If you can’t afford this look I bet you could go around high street shops and find something just as good or even better and half the price as well.

What do you think is good fashion sense?

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