Runway or Print? Modelling Advice from EL Irving

I often hear people labelling themselves as a model or saying they hope to break into the modelling industry. But that can mean a hundred different things to a hundred different people. There are so many types of modelling and they are all very different from one and other. Keeping that in mind we know that the two of the main areas of modelling are fashion and commercial.

Do you have dreams of making it in modelling? If so, you need to determine whether you want to be a fashion model or a commercial model as soon as possible. Both types of models will feature in national campaigns and such, but they will do so in very different ways. Your decision to either go down the fashion route or the commercial route will determine a lot of other aspects of your career – ranging from how you brand yourself to the modelling agency you elect to sign for. The market body requirements can vary for each industry as well, and thus it is important to know what type of modelling you would be best suited for so you can give yourself the greatest chance of making it. If you need advice, get in touch via the EL Irving website or look at the contact me section of this site.

EL Irving london talent agent
EL Irving, 2015

Models are featured in local print advertisements, national print advertisements, television work, catalogues and trade shows. As a commercial model, it is unlikely you will receive the same level of exposure and recognition as you would if you were a fashion model. Yet work can be more frequent, as this type of modelling often presents greater opportunities, and a lot of fashion models begin their career in the commercial industry whilst hoping to get their big break. They aspire to walk down the runway at major fashion shows. Saying this, print work can be very lucrative and you can generate a steady income from featuring in catalogues as well. So, what path should you go down? Embrace both if you can. No one said you can’t be a fashion model and a commercial model. As mentioned, a lot of fashion models begin their career in the commercial world. Nonetheless, if you do not meet the strict criterion in place for fashion modelling, you may be restricted to commercial modelling. It is pivotal to recognise this, as you could be wasting your time chasing runway jobs when there are plenty of other print and ad work opportunities available to you that you would have a much greater chance of getting. It is all about grabbing the opportunities and generating greater exposure, no matter what type of modelling you want to get into.

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