Why did we go Vintage?

Why are you going to collect vintage clothing? Is it out of a general fashion interest or do you want to create a collection as an investment? Choosing an icon from the past whose look you like will help you to choose the right pieces for your own collection. If you are buying to wear you can be less picky, whereas investment items should be carefully chosen for their brand or quality. If you’re going to collect for value and not wear what you buy, then size makes difference. When reselling the pieces keep in mind that sizing on labels has changed a lot. It’s especially significant if you sell vintage clothing on the internet because it avoids disappointment when the shoes or dress turn out to be too small for the customer and you have to refund them.

london talent agent
EL Irving, 2015

Finding a fashion icon, especially from the past, will help you choose an outfit that draws attention and has the feeling of another era. Unfortunately, many of us think that only women in their forties or fifties are allowed to take these kinds of fashion risks. But if you are 20 years old it’s great and there’s nothing to be ashamed of; you’ll even find yourself attracting different attention and standing out among your peer group. Just find a fashion role model who can give you inspiration for ways to dress and get started creating a genuine vintage look. Collecting vintage clothing has become very popular. Some women like the quality and look of it and some collect it because of its potential value. There are numerous relatively recent items that are labelled as vintage and it’s hard to know what to purchase; the word itself has become synonymous with a look, rather than its definition.

Before buying vintage clothing learn about manufacturing and particularly when certain features were introduced. For instance, you are looking at what is labelled as a 60’s dress. Does it have features that weren’t common at that time? If yes, this indicates that it’s been incorrectly labelled and may be more likely from the 70’s. You can ask most modelling agencies for advice when it comes to fashion purchases. EL Irving Studios have loads of resources and don’t charge for advice. When shopping, you will inevitably encounter unworn or slightly worn items that have been well cared for. It might have been that the piece was only worn a handful of times, or stored for decades. Saying this it’s widely expected that vintage clothing will show the signs of wear due to its age. Remember, the longer ago the clothing is from, the more likely that it’ll display signs of its age. Aging can actually be used to validate its authenticity, so it’s not always a bad thing at all. Read the other EL Irving Blogs for fashion reviews and modelling advice!


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