Fashion and Trends

Fashion trends have to start from somewhere and many people don’t consider where they start. We happily walk into a high street retailer or find designs on the web and either instantly love them or hate them with little to no regard for the amount of time or effort that has gone into the creation of that particular item of clothing or the look itself. Designers are more than ever under pressure to create garments that the public at large will love and that will look great on models. They try to make it from their sketchbooks and onto the catwalks just as models try to make it from their mirror to the studio and some are always going to be more successful than others.

If you’re keen to get into modelling then it’s important to remember physical requirements when it comes to fitting yourself into a niche – most types of modelling are niches unto themselves. The physical requirements of commercial models are less extreme than those of catwalk models for example. While catwalk models tend to have very thin and slender body shapes, commercial models need represent society’s norms. EL Irving Studios regularly see men and women having body parts modelling portfolios made. Body parts models are widely used for catalogue jobs. These can include footwear, jewellery, beauty products and piercings. Making a living solely from these kinds of jobs is very difficult, but it’s not too difficult to supplement a salary with a few extra days a month in front of the camera.

london talent agent
EL Irving, 2014

One incredible thing about women is that they are known to have a sixth sense, especially when it concerns relationships. Women always notice and analyse small details in others. This goes as far as to include the body language of their partners. So they usually are aware of any feelings towards others that their partners have. It may be concerning a colleague of his that they have never met. Once women notice something suspicious, it starts eating away at them. Though they may not be even aware of what exactly is doing it. A great way to clear the air is to spice things up. Maybe some great photos in a professional studio would help or a spending spree in your favourite shops. If you’re interested in becoming a model or are simply looking for new or additional representation, feel free to get in touch with me and the EL Irving team and we’ll do our best to point you in the right direction.



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