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About EL Irving

In the modelling and talent scene for over 15 years, EL Irving has spotted dozens of now well-known models and has a proven track record when it comes to finding and nurturing new talent in his main role as model scout. EL Irving is the director of Model Search Ltd and previously worked with Excite Models. He is known for getting his models the best jobs. In as competitive an industry as modelling, knowing what to look for, what the client wants, and where to find it are key skills. Putting the right models with the right clients is one of EL Irving’s strengths as many clients will attest to and realising the changing needs and environment of the business is the foundation upon which key relationships can be built.

Some tips for new talent!

Be fearless in front of the camera, suppress any feelings of self-consciousness.

Understand that you, as the model, create your own name for yourself.

Realise that those working with you can only give you the platform to make your own opportunity and that the hard part happens in front of the photographer’s lens and meeting client expectations.

Build your confidence and keep fit, don’t diet to the point of harming your body. The image of the stereotypical model has changed gradually over time and reflects society in a more honest way.

Don’t let yourself get sad by any set backs or disappointments, like any job there are ups and downs.

Find out more and connect with EL Irving on these networking sites!

EL Irving on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/elirving

EL Irving on Tumblr: http://el-irving.tumblr.com/


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